Wireless Audio Experience


Play the music stored on all your devices featuring the Bluetooth® wireless technology (smartphone, tablet or computer). It's simple, compact... and indispensable! Activate your smartphone's Bluetooth® feature, and the BT03 will connect easily.


The BT03 speaker uses Bluetooth® technology, offering a 15 metre range (50'). You can take it with you everywhere inside your home - the music never stops.


Boasting a very compact size (only 23.5 cm long), the BT03 enables you to take your music with you everywhere inside your home - ideal for close-range, instant and ultra-simple listening.

In spite of its small size, the 2.0 single-unit BT03 system offers ample power and a balanced audio rendition quality: true-to-life bass and realistic medium and treble.

More comprehensive than any remote control, the WAE* application enables you to manage your BT03 easily. Listening to music becomes nothing but pure pleasure. Every time this application is launched on AndroidTM, it automatically activates the smartphone's Bluetooth® connection, which then automatically connects to the speaker.

  • An audio player enabling you to read all the files in your music library
  • An equalizer feature

AUX input.

The speaker features a 3.5 mm mini-jack input, enabling you to connect it to your MP3 player or any other music device.