Wireless Audio Experience

Music? Never without my smartphone!

Stream your music from all your Apple® devices featuring the wireless Bluetooth® technology (and your smartphone, tablet and computer).


The BTP02 speaker uses the wireless Bluetooth® technology, offering a 15-metre (50') range. You can take it with you everywhere inside your home - the music never stops.

Ergonomic grip.

Thanks to the device's grip, you can take your music with you everywhere.

Record-breaking battery autonomy.

Enjoy your music non-stop for 20 hours.* Fewer charges, more listening. *20 hours' autonomy at 73 dB (SPL @ 1 m)

Pure stereo sound.

An elegant 2.0 system that will flatter your eyes and ears. Its built-in equaliser feature offers exceptional bass sounds, combined with sharp and pure sound. With 25 W, the speaker also boasts ample power.

More comprehensive than any remote control, the WAE* application enables you to manage your BTP02 easily. Listening to music becomes nothing but pure pleasure. The WAE* app allows users to control the speaker's volume and effects, to listen to the many web radios provided free with the application and to adjust the equalizer's settings to perfect their music's tone.

  • An audio player enabling you to read all the files in your music library
  • The ability to turn your speaker off remotely
  • The speaker battery indicator
  • A webradio feature providing a list of the best radios in your area or elsewhere
  • An equalizer feature
  • Dedicated audio settings
  • The speaker's volume setting...

AUX input.

The speaker features a 3.5 mm mini-jack input, enabling you to connect it to your MP3 player or any other music device.