Wireless Audio Experience


Stream the music stored on all your devices featuring the Bluetooth® wireless technology (smartphone, tablet, computer). It's simple, it's mini-sized... it's just what you've been waiting for! Enable the Bluetooth® function on your phone, and the BTP03 Mini connects to it seamlessly.


The BTP03 Mini speaker features Bluetooth® wireless technology. Move it around your home without ever missing a beat of your favorite songs. Thanks to its built-in mic, it also includes a hands-free calling function: take a call, and then pick up listening to your music right where you left off. It couldn't be easier! Connect the BTP03 Mini to your hi-fi system and stream the music from your phone or tablet.


The BTP03 Mini is powered by a battery providing more than 14 hours of playback time at 80% volume. It will follow you anywhere you go!


You'll be amazed by the battery life and audio performance of such a small sound system. The BTP03 Mini weighs just 320 grams, and is only 16.5 cm wide. Enjoy listening to your favorite music playlists wherever you go!.

Despite its small size, the BTP03 Mini - a single-unit 2.0 system - provides ample output power, along with highly accurate sound quality: enjoy lifelike bass response, plus realistic mid-range and treble performance. And for even more output power, you can connect multiple BTP03 Mini speakers to one another for joint playback.

More comprehensive than any remote control, the WAE* application enables you to manage your BTP03 MINI easily. Listening to music becomes nothing but pure pleasure. Every time this application is launched on AndroidTM, it automatically activates the smartphone's Bluetooth® connection, which then automatically connects to the speaker.

  • An audio player enabling you to read all the files in your music library
  • An equalizer feature