Wireless Audio Experience

Are you an AndroidTM fan?

So are we! Enjoy the music stored on your AndroidTM smartphone with complete freedom. Easily air and share all the music stored on your smartphone. The BTP05's modern and ergonomic design ensures that it blends in seamlessly with your AndroidTM lifestyle.


The BTP05 offers the best of Bluetooth® wireless technology, delivering exceptional sound quality with a 10 metre range (33'). Carry it around your home, using its grip, and use it to take your music everywhere you go.

Battery life.

The BTP05 is powered by a battery offering 15 hours' playback at medium volume. Be sure that your speaker will follow you everywhere you go!

Crank it up:

Even when powered by its battery, the speaker delivers up to 30 W power. Whether at home or on the move, your speaker will be the ideal companion for every party.

More comprehensive than any remote control, the WAE* application enables you to manage your BTP05 easily. Listening to music becomes nothing but pure pleasure. Every time this application is launched on AndroidTM, it automatically activates the smartphone's Bluetooth® connection, which then automatically connects to the speaker.

  • An audio player enabling you to read all the files in your music library
  • The ability to turn your speaker off remotely
  • The speaker battery indicator
  • A webradio feature providing a list of the best radios in your area or elsewhere
  • An equalizer feature
  • Dedicated audio settings
  • The speaker's volume setting...

AUX input.

The speaker features a 3.5 mm mini-jack input, enabling you to connect it to your MP3 player or any other music device.